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iPhone power station 1800 is a new high capacity emergency battery for iPhone 4S & 4, as well as iPod, iPhone3G & GS etc, which is with apple dock connector. iPhone emergency battery easy to charge your iPhone or iPod without cables. iPhone emergency battery is a miniature storage battery. When you travel or go to a business trip, iPhone emergency battery could be the best partner of you. iPhone emergency battery's compact stylish appearance and easy to use the characteristic is the best choice for your own or for gifts.

Nowadays with the increasing users of iPhone, iPhone power station 1800 can make your life more wonderful. SINOELE deeply believes that the market of iPhone emergency battery is quite potential. And we also believe that the iPhone emergency battery can be satisfied by the iPhone users. The reason is not only because of the amazing design, but also the iPhone emergency battery can charge iPhone anytime anywhere and easy to hadle. The iPhone emergency battery can solve the situation of emergence power off. When the iPhone emergency battery becomes one part of your life or work, you will be shocked of it.

Technical Parameters of iPhone emergency battery
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Weight: 48g
Battery capacity: 1800mAh
Input voltage: DC5.0V
Input current: 500mA
Output voltage: DC5.0V
Output current: 750mA
Battery charging time: 2~2.5hours
Dimensions: 61*37*15.5mm
The Feature of iPhone emergency battery
Surface utilize IML process, get the same performance as iPhone itself
Super thin, small and portable, charge iPhone directly
Special charging function design cut to self energy consuming a minimum
LED indicates charging and discharging situation
Charging and discharging overload protect