Tutorial: How to flash LG mobile phones?

Many LG mobile phone users may meet a same situation, that is LG mobile phone is stuck on the LG screen, but will not turn off, or go any further. Even though we tried to reset up, remove the battery, SIM Card or connect it through USB to computers, it seems LG mobile phone just hang on its LOGO screen. I think many LG mobile phones users must be troubled by this mentioned problem. The only way to fix it is try to flash your LG mobile phones. Then How to flash LG mobile phones? Here is the tutorial step by step for How to flash LG mobile phones.

Although LG mobile phone gets many different models, anyway, their flashing steps may be a little similar. In this article, I will take LG KP500 for an example, to tell users How to flash LG mobile phones. Following are the detailed steps of flasher LG KP500.

1. Preparation before flasher.
a. Original LG KP500 USB data cable, which can be used as a flasher cable in  INFINEON.
b. Make sure your computer operation system is Windows xp, since it doesn’t work under windows vista
c. Download flasher LG – MultiGSM file.
d. Download firmware LG KP500 new!

2. Install GSMULTI 3.0 in your computer, the default installation should be C:\GSMULTI which is easier for operation.

3. Flashing LG mobile phone, fix the problem LG mobile phone hanging on LOGO screen.
a. To find the driver. Since your LG already can’t be turned off, so you are not able to connect to computers directly. So when it is connected to computers through USB, it will tell you that a new firmware was discovered. At this time, you have to install path by hand, this path must be C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers\INFINEON, if not, it may fail to drive your phone.
b. Run USBMap_V01.exe in path C:\GSMULTI, and select INFINEON
c. The key step, now connect your LG mobile phone to computer through USB again, when the phone is found in computer, then choose USB2, and click SAVE&EXIT

4. Download V100 unziped folder on the desktop, you got next files:
- KP500_081002.dll
 - KP500AT-00-V10n-CIS-XXX-DEC-17-2008
- KP500AT-00-V10n-CIS-XXX-DEC-17-2008.bin.mbn

Se5. Run GSMULTI program
lect: Setting/Configuration, put .dll file & updated file in and choose USB2 then click, save settings. 
Insert directly from desktop, the above insert .dll, the below insert .bin.

6. Disconnect USB cable from computer, click on START, it will show wait phone. Then access USB cable again, begin to re-write softwares

7. When softwares are written to 100%, please don’t unplug USB cable until he accounts from 80S-0S, display PASS. Then mobile phone will boot-up automatically. At that moment, you can disconnect data cable, replace the battery, finally your LG mobile phone.

That’s done.

 Tips: this tutorial to flash LG mobile phones is suitable for any LG INFINEON, following is the list of LG mobile phones with INFINEON, for user reference.

Hope this tutorial be helpful to troubleshooting your LG won’t turn off problem.