How to transmit address book between two Sony Ericsson models

Sony Ericsson J108i is newly developed which insists green heart idea.When Sony Ericsson users replace their Sony Ericsson mobile phone to model J108i,they always encounter the problem that how to transmit address book between two Sony Ericsson models.In general,there’s three methods for transmitting address book between two models.

Method 1:Transmit address book between two Sony Ericsson models and create a new account by Sony Ericsson Sync.

  • Click “register” at Sony Ericsson Sync on your computer.
  • Select your phone model,input Email and password details,then click “register”.
  • Click begin to transmit address book from previous phone.
  • Select your previous phone model,then get into “next step”.
  • Input your country,state and phone number,then click “next step”.
  • PIN code will be displayed and a configuration message sent to your previous phone.
  • Choose “yes” to install and input the PIN code on the old phone.
  • Synchronize the old phone according to the instruction on the internet and then get into “next step”.
  • If possible,finish the new model changing before choosing the new mobile phone.
  • Close the previous mobile phone and pick out SIM card.
  • Insert the SIM card to your new phone and open it.
  • Synchronize your new phone according to the instruction on the internet.

Method 2:Transmit address book by memory card.

  • Copy address book to memory card from the previous mobile phone.
  • Insert memory card to new Sony Ericsson model.
  • Select address book at the menu.
  • Select “no” if the mobile phone prompt whether copy information from SIM card or not.
  • Select “option”>”advance”,stick out new contact.
  • Select regain from the memory card,the address book finished transmitting completely.

Method 3:Transmit address book by SIM card.
The method to transmit address book by SIM card is similar with the second method.Please refer it.