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Troubleshooting for Samsung Galaxy S I9000

I9000 is strongly promoted by Samsung Company at the beginning of launch. Its strong hardware and impressive performance make Samsung Galaxy S I9000 become most android phone users` new favorite. Nowadays Galaxy S I9000 occupies grand market shares in phones area. I9000 is getting increasing users as well as troubleshooting for Samsung Galaxy S I9000.Below is some keys of troubleshooting for Samsung Galaxy S I9000. We believe that it will be great useful for S I9000 Users.


I9000 Troubleshooting 1: Why don`t I9000 have live wallpaper?
Press left soft button or press blank for a while; Select Wallpaper from the popup menu; then live wallpaper shows up.

I9000 Troubleshooting 2: Which input method is better and how to switch over it?
Open input method in setting-language and keyboard; press input bar for a while; select input method from the popup menu, then you can choose your favorite input method.

I9000 Troubleshooting 3: What we can do Samsung Pc suite can`t identify I9000 after installing Kies?
While operating this process, we need pay our attention. It must be under closing of Kies to connect I9000 with computer. Choose Kies USB connection way(setting- about phone-USB setting). After successfully connecting, start the Kies software. Otherwise it can`t be connected successfully.

I9000 Troubleshooting 4: When was my I9000 produced?
Inquire way for date of production:
Look at I9000 rear label, S/N is below the NO. The fourth and fifth NO represents for year and month. For instance,
Fourth NO: S stands for 2009; Z for 2010.
Fifth NO: 123456789abc stand for Jan to Dec.

I9000 Troubleshooting 5: How to change I9000 4 shortcut buttons?
Click “Applications” on the right corner; then click left soft button in the procedure surface, select “Edit” from the popup menu, then you can put into your procedure.

I9000 Troubleshooting 6: How to put webpage shortcut into main screen?
Firstly, add your website into Bookmark in the browser. Press the screen blank for a while, select “shortcut”-“Bookmark”, and then choose your website.

I9000 Troubleshooting 7: How to delete the entire linkman?
Press the setting button at the left from the main screen—setting—applications—manage application—select “filter”—entire—find “linkman” and “linkman storage” to delete data.

Samsung wave S8500 troubleshooting (2)

Along with the popularity of Samsung wave S8500, FAQ and troubleshooting for S8500 still are in great demands for Samsung phones lovers. Besides, many articles and blogs always write about information about wave S8500 in this current market. Definitely, we need wave S8500 troubleshooting and FAQ as well as the newest information. As I have promised in the latest article Samsung wave S8500 troubleshooting, below article will continue to state other troubleshooting for Samsung wave S8500.

S8500 troubleshooting 1:

How to automatically store files into memory card?

If you want to automatically store files into memory card, below are the steps:
1. Press the menu button when it is standby
2. Touch setting
3. Drag to the memory card

4. Touch default storage
5. Check all the memory card menu options, touch setting to store it.


S8500 troubleshooting 2:

How to set up VoIP?

  •  S8500 has VoIP function. After setting VoIP, phone can automatically dial the IP NO. Which you set up.
  •  Steps: when on the calling, you will see an icon with “P”. Before calling, add a phone NO (such as 17951) before your calling NO.
  •  Concrete operations: select setting—application program—call—voice call—VoIP, then you can change your calling NO as you like.


 S8500 troubleshooting 3:

How to prolong S8500 battery life?

  • Avoid charging in one time for a week; overdischarge perhaps will shorten battery life.
  •  Battery will still discharge if not using for a long time, recharge before using it.
  •  Disconnect the charger from power source when under non-use.
  • Have a plan to use battery, such as charging it every 3 or 4 days.
  • Battery terminal maybe gets stained; clean the metal connector with tidy and soft cloth before recharging and reusing.

Warning and Remark:

  • Using the original Samsung batteries and chargers, other incompatible batteries and chargers maybe result in damage to batteries and phones.
  •  Never put batteries and phones near radiation equipments, such as: microwave oven, oven, electric radiator etc. batteries perhaps explode while these equipments are heating.
  • Never extrude and penetrate battery, avoid using under heavy pressure arousing battery short circuit and overheat.

How to connect Samsung phone X559 to computer

Have you ever come across that situation that your beloved Samsung phone (x559)can`t connect to computer? Have you ever been bothering with such a problem for long time without a solution? Sure, I ran into such a condition when I bought my first Samsung phone (x559). Until I figured out how Samsung phone (x559)could connect to the computer, I didn`t realize that the solution of Samsung phone(x559) connect to computer is so important for Samsung phone(x559) users. Here are the steps for Samsung phone(x559) users` reference.

Step 1: Download respective driver corresponding to your computer

Please visit official website of Samsung to download: www.samsung.com .
Or put your DC into the driver.

How to install driver.

① DC operate ②Select language③Look at each drive install instruction (The 4th must be installed)④click install.

Step 2: Install USB driver (Some kinds of Samsung phones can skip this step)

When your phone USB cable firstly plug into computer and phone, WINDOWS will detect a new hardware. Then WINDOWS will search software automatically and install the driver software Samsung modem driver. The Samsung cdma modem will be established in the system.

Step 3: Build CDMA 1X connection

Build a new connection on the Internet of Control Panel and Dial connection. Select Samsung modem driver to build a new CDMA 1X dial connection (Like UNICOM). Dial NO is 777. User name and code are 165(or CARD).

Step 4: Click install and finish it

Tips: Except the first time for connecting to computer needs these steps, Samsung phones can connect to your computer through USB cable.

Remark: The order to install driver and software.

Firstly install USB driver, then Samsung_PC_Studio3 manage transfer software.USB cable can connect to phone until totally installing software. If your order doesn`t follow those steps, problems will come out.

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