How to identify original Samsung battery

We always meet such a problem that we have no idea about how to identify original Samsung battery while selecting Samsung phones, no matter buying for ourselves or presenting as a gift. It is a big concern to identify original phone battery when it comes to purchase digital products. Especially under such a circumstance, some mobile phone merchants replace original phone battery in order to gain much more profits. Therefore, we have to learn that how to identify original battery and pick up your loved Samsung phone.

Identify original battery Point 1:
Original Samsung battery has the flavor of sandalwood like Samsung phone.

Identify original battery Point 2:
The back of Samsung original battery have four raised small dots. Every dot likes sphere sticking to original battery. Diameter is about 1 mm.

Identify original battery Point 3:
The groove where original battery is conjoint with phone has 1-1、1-2 No. The height of No. is 1-2 mm and the color will bright.

Identify original battery Point 4:
The surface of original battery gets matte treatment, smooth feeling.

Identify original battery Point 5:
Original battery`s sign CE is higher than the sign “rubbish”.

Identify original battery Point 6:
Original battery metal slice is bright and lines up.

Identify original battery Point 7:
Original battery combines with phone tightly and the battery color is the same as phone.

Identify original battery point 8:
The barcode of original battery、model adopts twice printing technology. Having the feeling of concavo-convex, looking at original battery in a slant way, the color of barcode is blacker than other place.