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Portable cell phone power pack

Nowadays, following the fast development of the economic, more and more people are pursuing spirit enjoyment. The popularity of digital products such as, MP3, Mp4, Iphone, Ipad and so on can clarify this phenomenon. Following the digital products popularity, portable cell phone power pack becomes hot in the market. The reason is quite simple. Batteries inside the digital products can not provide enough power for people’s spirit enjoying.

  Portable cell phone power pack solves the problem perfectly. The portable cell phone power back does not suit the cell phones only. The portable cell phone power pack can charge other digital products as well, such as the MP3, Mp4. PSP, PDA, camera and so on. With the compact size of the portable cell phone power pack, you can take it in your pocket during your trips, and need not worry about power out of your phone or cameras.

  You may not choose the portable cell phone power pack and just buy a reserve original battery for your digital products. Just think about the situation when you are out, you need to pack all the original batteries, and different kind of batteries messing up would also bring danger elements. With the portable cell phone power pack, these problems would not exist.

 Sometimes, the portable cell phone power pack would cost a little more than original battery of your mobile phone, while the cost performance of the portable cell phone power pack is very high with its high compatibility and safety brought by top quality.

 Top quality portable cell phone power pack is easy to get. You can find it on the website www.sinoele.com.

How to Unlock LG Chocolate mobile phones

LG Chocolate mobile phones are one of the most fashion mobile phones, which change the communication tools to the role of Luxury endorse products. LG Chocolate series include the models LG BL40, LG BL20, LG KG800, LG KE800 and LG KU800. To many users, locking their LG Chocolate mobile phones sometimes is necessary. Because locking LG Chocolate mobile phones can bring such inconvenience that LG Chocolate mobile phones will not accidentally dial somebody in your pocket. Anyway, on the other hand, when there is a message or call coming into your LG Chocolate phone, you need to unlock it as quickly as you can. How to unlock LG Chocolate mobile phones? Usually unlocking LG Chocolate mobile phones you have to learn two steps, one is how to Unlock LG Chocolate mobile phones’ automatic key? And another one is how to unlock the code on LG Chocolate mobile phones?

Question one: how to Unlock LG Chocolate mobile phones’ automatic key?

  1. Unlock the automatic key lock, then if you want to receive calls, you needn’t slide your LG Chocolate phone.
  2. Set up the unlocking key on the right side of the phone, which is marked with a small padlock icon.
  3. Slide the button down with your thumb.


Question two: how to unlock the code on LG Chocolate mobile phones?

If you want to unlock the code on LG Chocolate mobile phones, one way is to get an online unlocking service for your LG Chocolate phone.

Following I take LG Chocolate BL40 for example, to offer you some suggestion to unlock the code on LG Chocolate mobile phones.

 Tips: How to unlock LG Chocolate BL 40?

  1. Type *#06#, then your LG Chocolate will indicate you the IMEI number. It is a 15-digit number.
  2. Click the link to access the website providing unlocking codes for LG Chocolate. Then provide your IMEI number and your LG Chocolate phone model. In addition, you also may ask for the network name. After that, it will show you a list of codes.
  3. Insert an original SIM card, then enter a code, which varies from LG Chocolate mobile phone models. For LG Chocolate BL 40, press ”2945#*40#” → Press “OK”→ select “setting”→ select “security” → select “SIM Lock” → press “OK”

4. Enter the unlock code you choose, then press “OK”

How to Increase the Battery Life on a Verizon LG Phone

Verizon LG phone is a perfect LG mobile phone, owns all the features that most mobile phones have, like can run many applications, access to the Internet with high speed… In order to enjoy Verizon LG Phone much better, we should take some measure to increase the battery life on a Verizon LG phone. As you know, if reduced battery life means that you will not be able to use all these features of Verizon LG phone. So it is particularly important to increase the battery life on a Verizon LG phone.

Most Verizon LG phone owners may notice that battery life on a Verizon LG phone becomes drained quite quickly. Now, many of them start studying how to increase the battery life on a Verizon LG phone. In my recent updated blog, I already shared some suggestions about LG Ally battery life improvement. This time, I want to discuss with you about how to increase the battery life on a Verizon LG phone in more details.

Following are the instructions you can take to maximize and increase the battery life on your Verizon LG phone.

1. Please turn off your Verizon LG phone, when you can’t use it. Like the situation your Verizon LG phone is out of service range. If you always try to search a rang it can use, it is obviously your battery of Verizon LG phone will drain much more rapidly than it is normal use.

2. Adjusting the backlight settings on your Verizon LG phone

Shut off the backlight on your phone, or reduce the amount of time, which is a good point to increase the battery life on a Verizon LG phone

a. Shut off the backlight. Open the phone, click the “Menu” button→ press the left centered navigation key to bring up the “settings and tools”→ tap “OK”

b. Open the phone, click the “Menu” button → press the left centered navigation key to bring up the “settings and tools” → click “display settings” → click “backlight” → click “display” → click “main backlight” → select how long you wish the backlight to remain on.

3. Don’t start following applications, like camera, video, Bluetooth etc as possible as you can.

Running these systems truly have a bad effect on battery life of a Verizon LG phone.

4. When Verizon LG mobile phone is fully charged, just remove it from the charger, don’t leave it plugged in all night, which actually reduce the battery life on a Verizon LG phone.

Fix LG 4500 mobile Phone Ringer Problem

Hi, every LG 4500 mobile phone user, have you ever experienced missing calls, because your LG 4500 mobile phone doesn’t ring for incoming calls? I viewed many posts that saying they get LG 4500 mobile phone ringer problem posted in forum, twister, facebook. The same problem happened to me, I have been told several times, by several friends that they tried to call me a couple times, but saying I didn’t answer. Actually, my LG 4500 mobile phone never rang. So sometimes when my friends complaining about my missing calls, I really need help to fix my LG 4500 mobile Phone Ringer Problem.

Fortunately, LG 4500 mobile phone ringer problem is never a problem for me. Because now I learned a good idea to fix LG 4500 mobile phone ringer problem from the Internet, here, I want to share with you who are also troubling by LG 4500 mobile phone ringer problem.

Vying for above LG 4500 glitches, such as ring tones not playing for incoming calls, LG provided ways to troubleshooting LG 4500 mobile phone ringer problem.

Instructions for fixing LG 4500 mobile Phone Ringer Problem.

1.Power off LG 4500 and then restart, check whether LG 4500 mobile phone ringer problem still exsits.

2.Make a factory reset on LG 4500 mobile phone.
Do following steps to realize a factory reset:
Press the “OK” key to access the manu →  Press the navigation key twice → Press “5” twice → Enter four-digit lock code, and press “OK” → Select “Reset default” and press “OK” again. → Choose “Revert”, and press “OK

After doing this, pls check whether LG 4500 ringer problem is fixed. Because during this operation, LG 4500 reverts its software to the factory standard automatically, and also fix any low-evel glitches.

3.Perform a master clear on the LG 4500 mobile phone.
Enter “2945#*5301#” on the keypad, choose “OK.” →Enter four-digit lock code, and press “OK”

This operation is to clear all your previous personal data and rewrite the operating system.

4. If all above operations failed, pls send it to professional repair stores.

In one point, I think all of our mobile phone users should be noted that over times, every mobile phone models’ software glitches develop and hardware components can wear out. So if your LG 4500’s warranty have expired long ago, even you do as above fix intructions, they may still not work.

Portable LG Mobile Phone Power Station

LG mobile phone users are getting suck that their LG mobile phones go out of battery soon while playing games, checking mails, accessing to Internet… Now, this is not very big deal, Portable LG Mobile Phone Power Station can fix your problem. Portable LG mobile phone power station as an external battery charge, can realize charging LG mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

Want a good deal for portable LG mobile phone power station. The LG Mobile phone power station is now available on aliexpress.com for a mere $38.5 with free shipping.

Portable LG mobile phone power station is a high storage product with super 5200mAh Lithium polymer battery, specially designed for travelers, businessmen, music lovers, games fans…Consumers can use the connector wire for charging directly to cell phones or electronic product, such as iPad/iPhone/iPod, LG, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, MP3, MP4, Camera……

Portable LG mobile phone power station photos – LG cell phone accessories


Portable LG mobile phone power station features:
Item model: Power Bank 5200
Capacity: 5200mAh
Input voltage:  DC/5V
Input current: 800mA
Output voltage: DC/5.4 V
Output current: 500mA
Charging time( for power bank): ≈7h
Charging time( for LG mobile phones): ≈2.5h
Charging times(LG moble phones from zero battery to full charged): 3–4times
Life circle: >500 times
Weight: 285g

Portable LG mobile phone power station Package includes:
1x power station
1x USB cable
6xtips compatible with/to charge
    -1xNokia mini
    -1xMini USB
    -1xMicro USB ( LG new choc)
    -1xSamsung D800
    -1xLG choc

If it has a strong appeal to you, click here to the deal. Enjoy!

There is no doubt that LG Ally is a nice mobile phone, anyway now many LG Ally users are complaining that their LG Ally battery sucks. The common problem they meet is that although it is charged incredibly fast (20%-100% in one hour), it seems LG Ally battery drains quicker than expected. Sometimes, a fully charged LG Ally can only lasts 5-6 hours at the most. So some people just keep it plugged in charging to use it. What are some good suggestions for improving LG Ally battery life? Nice LG Ally battery life improvement can be a life saver for those who use LG Ally constantly.

I am also annoyed at LG Ally Battery life, I am always searching to find some ideas to improve LG Ally Battery life. Luckily, one day, I learned a nice method from a LG forum, here, I’d like to share with you.

Following are the tips for LG Ally battery life improvement, just do as below steps to improve your LG Ally battery life.

1. Unplug your LG Ally when LG Ally is fully charged
2. Start Main Menu > Wireless & networks > Airplane mode
3. Turn Airplane mode on
4. Turn off LG Ally
5. Turn on LG Ally again
6. Get back to Main Menu > Wireless & networks > Airplane mode
7. Turn Airplane mode off.

Maybe, many of you may think it will bring us much trouble by turning LG Ally off and back on repeatedly. But after doing above instructions for few days, you will be pleased to find that your LG Ally battery life is significantly improved, all efforts you made is worthy.

Hope above tips for LG Ally battery life improvement is helpful for you!

4 Necessary Accessories for LG BL40 Chocolate

The LG new chocolate BL40 is an very interesting smartphone with super-long touchscreen, which makes watching hands-on video, checking emails or browsing the Internet a pleasure. As the LG BL40 is considerably longer than most cell phones, it is more likely to be knocked or drop for somewhere. And also due to its huge network function, your LG BL40 sometimes need to charge everyday. Thus, LG BL40 users do need some accessories to support their devices, you may want to invest in a case, memory card or portable power bank to make sure it working in the best condition. To help you find the most necessary accessories for LG BL40 chocolate, herewith, I worked out a list of top 4 necessary accessories for LG BL40 chocolate. Anyway, this is only my personal suggestion, if you have other good idea of necessary accessories for LG BL40 chocolate, welcome to share with all of us.

Necessary accessory 1. LG BL40 screen protective film
A high quality screen film can long protect your new phone from being scratched. Anyway, how to choose a high quality screen film? First, you should pay much attention to the film’s material, usually, we choose PET. Second, the screen film itself should be Anti-scratch, anti-glare, dustproof and waterproof. On the hand, if the screen film can be taken off, washed then reapplied, which will be better.

Necessary accessory 2. LG BL40 protective case
Either silicon cases or leather cases, provide protection against everybody drops and scrapes. Anyway, in my opinion, we’d suggest to choose leather cases. Since most leather cases are designed to completely protect LG BL40. Some even can be used as a wallet, because it has enough space for bank cards at the inside of cover. It looks very fashion and is truly practical.

Necessary accessory 3. Additional memory card for LG BL40
LG BL40 as a high-end multimedia phone, actually only has a limited 1GB of internal storage. For some businessmen, music or game lovers, it is just too small to store their interesting or important things. So a bigger memory card seems to be necessary for LG BL40. Therefore, users can store more photos, songs, videos.


Necessary accessory 4. Portable power bank for LG BL40
No matter LG BL40 or other smartphones like iPhone with touch-screen, it is quite common that they will be out of battery in a short time. However, our social life is hardly to be without it for calling, texting, emailing… Portable power bank can help this annoyed situation. With portable power bank, your LG BL40 can be realized being charged anytime anywhere. On the other hand, some portable power bank in the markets, are designed along with different adaptors suitable to charge iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia etc.


Troubleshooting guide for LG KS20 FAQs

LG KS20 uses an intuitive touch input technology and large LCD screen to maximize its internet usability. Its super-fast network made it download everything at speed of 3.6 Mbps through HSDPA. Although LG KS20 is with such strong functions, many users may meet this or that problems, some of them are just similar. In order to solve users’ obsession, our troubleshooting mobile phone blog lists a troubleshooting guide for LG KS20, users can find out corresponding FAQ solutions for LG KS20 in this troubleshooting guide. Since there are enough LG KS20 FAQs, we will keep updating our troubleshooting guide for LG KS20, please often view back to our LG KS20 troubleshooting guide.

FAQ 1. How to hard reset LG KS20?
Turn off LG KS20 completely, then press and hold the buttons Volume down, Call and power for about 10s till the LED flashes.

FAQ 2. How to enter to emergency mode and flash LG KS20?
Turn off LG KS20 completely, then press the buttons Call, IE(which is at the right side of LG mobile phone) and Power.

FAQ 3. How to enter to normal mode and flash LG KS20?
Enter code 2676625720#, A.Port Setting → 1. Diag Setting → 1. USB Set for Diag → “OK” → “Back”, B.Diag Setting →2. USB Switching → “LG Composite -DUN, DIAG”. Done and reset the device.

FAQ 4. Why there is only sound, but without picture when CorePlayer plays AVI files?
Open CorePlayer manual→setting→technical setting→more→video setting→change the video output to《DIRECTDRAW》

FAQ 5. When flashing LG KS20, it shows “security error”.
Install a software called “lg_.exe” to unlock it.

FAQ 6. When use GPS, should we install an external device?
Yes, it should add a GPS receiver, usually software is set to COM6, the hardware is set to COM7.

FAQ 7. After flashing LG KS20, it occurs OPT error, why and how to solve this problem?
This is because Brand ROM is flashed by Unbrand ROM. Our suggestion is to reflash or portfolio ROM. If LG mobile phones can’t enter to flash mode due to OPT error, then we can choose enter to emergency mode.

FAQ 8. How to change the language to your native language on LG KS20 Smartphone?
First, change your regional language to your country, then you should go to the Multilingual Support and tick “Disable Multilingual Support’ and reset your phone and done.

Troubleshooting LG new Chocolate BL 40

 LG stands for Life’s Good, LG mobile phone’s innovative features make it so popular around the world. Its amazing series, like Sweet Pie, Cookie, Lollipop, Ice cream, New Chocolate are especially warmly after by young girls, due to its fashion & innovative design and multi-functions. Anyway, once a new product is founded, a troubleshooting guide or FAQs solution is necessary. Now LG new chocolate BL 40was launched, many users got several questions, like how to use Google Maps on LG chocolate BL 40? How to set up GPRS and WAP/internet setting? Please take it easy, our mobile phone troubleshooting blog will offer you ways to troubleshooting new chocolate LG BL 40. Either new users or old customers can get useful FAQs solutions to troubleshooting your LG new chocolate BL 40 easily and conveniently.

LG BL 40 new Chocolate Setting tutorial
When new users first operate their fresh devices LG BL 40, even though there is a manual in hand, sometimes they still can’t get exact meaning how to do. In order to help you being familiar quickly with LG new chocolate BL 40, here, I recommend you a nice video web, which provides fast use guide to LG chocolate BL 40 settings, for example, How to set up LG chocolate BL 40? How to use a Bluetooth handsfree kit with LG BL 40? …

Following is the web link: http://www.articlesbase.com/videos/5min/196838353, hope these information is useful to you.

We are all known that LG chocolate BL 40 is featured with preinstalled Google Maps and A-GPRS, please do as following steps to check the routes you are looking for.

1. Register the Google Map application.
When you are noted if it is OK for Google to provide your location information, touch Allow. Also agree the terms and policies when being asked. After that, you will be given a map.

2. Search for a place you want to get, touch Search.
Input the place name you want to get, tap Search, then you will be presented directions. And you are asked to enter the starting point. Enter it, then you will be told the detailed directions from starting point to your destination.

3. LG chocolate BL 40’s preinstalled Google Maps show you full directions, and you can zoom in and out by touching +/- symbols. Just like we search our destinations on Google earth.

Maybe the content of this article is not very fruitful, I will write more about troubleshooting LG Chocolate BL40 or troubleshooting guides for other LG models in following days, please always come back to my blog and leave your comments. Thank you!

Merry Christmas & Happy new year!

Tutorial: How to flash LG mobile phones?

Many LG mobile phone users may meet a same situation, that is LG mobile phone is stuck on the LG screen, but will not turn off, or go any further. Even though we tried to reset up, remove the battery, SIM Card or connect it through USB to computers, it seems LG mobile phone just hang on its LOGO screen. I think many LG mobile phones users must be troubled by this mentioned problem. The only way to fix it is try to flash your LG mobile phones. Then How to flash LG mobile phones? Here is the tutorial step by step for How to flash LG mobile phones.

Although LG mobile phone gets many different models, anyway, their flashing steps may be a little similar. In this article, I will take LG KP500 for an example, to tell users How to flash LG mobile phones. Following are the detailed steps of flasher LG KP500.

1. Preparation before flasher.
a. Original LG KP500 USB data cable, which can be used as a flasher cable in  INFINEON.
b. Make sure your computer operation system is Windows xp, since it doesn’t work under windows vista
c. Download flasher LG – MultiGSM file.
d. Download firmware LG KP500 new!

2. Install GSMULTI 3.0 in your computer, the default installation should be C:\GSMULTI which is easier for operation.

3. Flashing LG mobile phone, fix the problem LG mobile phone hanging on LOGO screen.
a. To find the driver. Since your LG already can’t be turned off, so you are not able to connect to computers directly. So when it is connected to computers through USB, it will tell you that a new firmware was discovered. At this time, you have to install path by hand, this path must be C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers\INFINEON, if not, it may fail to drive your phone.
b. Run USBMap_V01.exe in path C:\GSMULTI, and select INFINEON
c. The key step, now connect your LG mobile phone to computer through USB again, when the phone is found in computer, then choose USB2, and click SAVE&EXIT

4. Download V100 unziped folder on the desktop, you got next files:
- KP500_081002.dll
 - KP500AT-00-V10n-CIS-XXX-DEC-17-2008
- KP500AT-00-V10n-CIS-XXX-DEC-17-2008.bin.mbn

Se5. Run GSMULTI program
lect: Setting/Configuration, put .dll file & updated file in and choose USB2 then click, save settings. 
Insert directly from desktop, the above insert .dll, the below insert .bin.

6. Disconnect USB cable from computer, click on START, it will show wait phone. Then access USB cable again, begin to re-write softwares

7. When softwares are written to 100%, please don’t unplug USB cable until he accounts from 80S-0S, display PASS. Then mobile phone will boot-up automatically. At that moment, you can disconnect data cable, replace the battery, finally your LG mobile phone.

That’s done.

 Tips: this tutorial to flash LG mobile phones is suitable for any LG INFINEON, following is the list of LG mobile phones with INFINEON, for user reference.

Hope this tutorial be helpful to troubleshooting your LG won’t turn off problem.


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